Wake Up And Be Awesome … This is What I Do Everyday

I love this sign because this is what I do every day.  I wake up and be awesome.

One might wonder what makes me awesome.  To begin with, God loves me.  No, I mean He really really loves me.  He saved my life when the doctor’s told my wife to prepare for my funeral.  He empowered me with His word and gave me permission to use and share it.  He granted me authority to use his name as I personally saw the need.  And most important, He took my place and died for me (literally if count my near death experience).  So, I can say without a doubt that I am awesome because God loves me.

Another reason is my amazing wife who pushes me to be a better man.  And I am not talking nagging or something else that would be distasteful and hard to live with.  No.  In her own loving caring supportive way, she helps to guide me and direct me along the paths that God wants me to walk.  She is far more spiritual than I am and often is a direct line to God for me.  The way she loves me is unparalleled in this day and age and because of her I am awesome.

Another reason is my super kids.  Katie, Abby and James are the best.  And they are not the best because I was the best dad in the world.  No.  They are the best because God placed in them every amazing thing he could find so that when I messed up as a dad, they would forgive, understand and grow into even better people.  I am so proud and honored to have these as my children that I feel awesome every day.

And finally, I am awesome because I am.  God said “I am that I am” and I am that I am awesome.

So, I encourage you when you wake up tomorrow to tackle the day and just go out and be awesome!

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@PRAquilone is one half of the #creative #father son team @JaqJaqAndPaqPaq (http://about.me/JaqJaqAndPaqPaq) and is a Christian, an Author, a Husband, a Father, a Friend and Teacher of the Gospel who resides in Texas with his wife and three children. He was born in Denville, New Jersey and earned a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University and works as a software engineer/developer for a major company. He has been active in church since he received Christ at the age of twenty two years old. http://about.me/PRAquilone